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Welcome to NZ's best online shopping experience!
Welcome to NZ's best online shopping experience!

World2NZ Gifts - New Zealand's Newest and Best Gift Site


Let's keep families in touch.


World2NZ has been set up and designed to meet the needs of the thousands of expatriate Kiwis living far away from their loved ones back home. One of the best ways to let them know you love them from so far away is to remember their significant occasions with a gift. It will telegraph you into their world.

 You may have loved ones who have moved to NZ - this website is for you.

And off course, this website is also for every Kiwi, living in New Zealand,who wants to source and buy quality presents for friends and relatives elsewhere in New Zealand.

In short this website is for everyone

Rest assured that World2NZ will offer you all great products and great service, getting your gift-wrapped gifts delivered on time and in good condition.