Special gifts for special Kiwis

As a Kiwi who lived outside of NZ for thirteen years I know how hard it is to stay in touch with your Kiwi family and friends.I really got 'out of the loop' at times and I really regret that. ....so many of my family's birthdays and special occasions were missed. Read more about it in an article that was published about my experience as an expat.

I wish I had this website back then. One of the best ways of staying in touch across the miles is to acknowledge significant milestones and events in their lives - and nothing beats a present! It really does bring you closer to their everyday lives.

My name is Steve Mansfield, a born and bred Kiwi, who worked in Australia and the Middle East as a dentist for thirteen years. I'm married to Lisa and we have three boys.

If you are one of the 600,000 Kiwis abroad this website is for you. It's also for all New Zealand-based Kiwis because it meets a market need for quality presents across all categories. Every present will be delivered with beautiful packaging and, of course, most times this will be free.

What sets this website apart is the absence of junk. There is an emphasis on quality and everything on this site I would be proud to have in my home. There is also an emphasis on using great Kiwi companies as well as world-class brands. 

There is a commitment to constantly modify and improve the range over the 12 categories. Customer feedback is highly valued- please feel free to give suggestions or point out areas in which improvements can be made in your shopping experience.