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Thomas Kent Clocks

Thomas Kent Clocks

Exceptional Thomas Kent Clocks for Sale

There are few examples of timepieces for the home as wonderful as these. Nigel Waller designed and manufactured his first Thomas Kent clock in 1980 and since then he has been perfecting the art of making only the finest examples. Nigel draws on the past for his creativity and travels through vintage shops and flea markets collecting vintage timepieces to inspire his designs.

Technology then has its way and computers and 3D modelling brings the design process up to the cutting edge. Balance, feel and shape come together and then the colouration is performed by hand mixing paints. Nigel believes that clocks are much more than timepieces and that they "breathe life into a room, adding drama interest and style", which is seen throughout the collection that we have available for sale.

The leading Thomas Kent clocks stockists in NZ

I'm sure you will agree that he has accomplished his goal. World2NZ is very proud to be able to provide this sensational brand in New Zealand, and are stockists for the range that you see here. Choose one up today and take advantage of our free shipping! Call +64 21682209 to speak with one of our friendly staff about these or any other products we supply, including Troop London bags and much more. We are always here to help!