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Steel Design Art

Steel Design Art

This collection of designs in steel is exquisite and will grace any home.Lisa's brilliant sense of colour and form is beautifully outworked in this collection. Added to that are the simple statements that adorn many of the pieces.

World2NZ counts it as a huge privilege to be able to partner with Lisa Turley.

Where steel meets style:
This is part of a premium range of indoor & outdoor artwork from NZ designer Lisa Turley who is making an impression internationally. Her art reflects her love of steel-its simple timeless design ensures her art will fit with any home, garden or business for many years to come.
Her work is constantly evolving, and there is something for everyone. If this not quite your taste check out the others in this collection.
With a selection of designs, strong clean lines, combined with the quality of 100% recyclable steel, it's easy to see why Lisa's work is making such an impact in the home decor world.


Mild steel - is used to create an industrial or weathered look. As it ages any imperfections are part of the charm. These pieces are suitable for outdoor use and are designed to slowly weather over time. Rust spots can be removed as required by either

  • light sanding,
  • Amsol Metal Polish or
  • white vinegar if desired. If using vinegar, wipe on with paper towel and then wash. repeat until required result. The  spray with cooking oil and polish with a soft cloth

Art can also be coated with Penetrol (available at quality hardware stores) to stop the rusting process and maintain the look of the artwork at any stage.

Stainless Steel - High grade 304 ( or where specified, 316 marine grade) quality brushed stainless steel. This is resistant to corrosion and is low maintenance and makes it ideal for indoors or outdoors. A complimentary "Brilliance" wipe is included to  help leave a protective coating against smudging and finger prints.