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Welcome to NZ's best online shopping experience!
Welcome to NZ's best online shopping experience!

World2NZ - The Early Days Part Two

The name change didn't happen until I had already had started with my first designer. You can see my first design. I quite liked it actually but thought it was a bit cartoony for such a serious website! And besides the website was now to reach Kiwis all over the world and not just the UK.

By the time I opened the website to the public on Oct 13th I was on to my third web designer. Web designers are a breed apart and they can be hard to manage at the best of times. The English language is oh so lacking  when you are trying to convey what you really want. I had negotiated with suppliers to obtain 180 products and I figured that was enough to start with.

When a website is new to the internet, it can take days for the google crawler to find you and then index your pages. That is why it took eleven days for my first sale! What an exciting day that was when an Australian customer bought a fab laser steel art work. I will always remember my wife Lisa and I discussing how to wrap it up!!

Since those early beginnings so much has changed. I have moved my office and I'm now on my 4th web designer (been with them for a while). There are so many products on the website to choose from now. The website has had over 30,000 visits and the operation is much more streamlined now.

Why did I start up the website? It's because I genuinely felt that there was a gap for what I call decent gifts. I was excited also about providing a personalised gift service for people all over the world wishing to buy quality products for their New Zealand friends and relatives.Just because you are living in London or Dubai doesn't mean that you can't buy a unique and thoughtful present and have it arrive quickly with gift wrapping.

It's so easy to be in contact by phone or email and you will have any query answered promptly. 

Thank you for coming on to this website and please know that I really appreciate your business. Please give me feedback if there is anything that you'd like to see done differently.

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