One of the reasons this website is a junk-free zone is that I noticed that there was a real need for a website that could offer nice and significant options for a wedding present.

I have always tried to have the philosophy that I wouldn't out anything on the website that I wouldn't want to have in my own home.

I have also tried to have things that would be considered ornamental and/or artistic because I feel that nowadays people can always buy normal everyday things by themselves and the price has come down a lot over the years for these things due to the "China Effect".

What people really love for a gift is something a little whimsical or trivial even - something that they would never buy for themselves - Iron Industrial Bookends in the shape of vices anyone?

There are so  many beautiful options on this website from Ceramic Heads (Charles and Mildred) to the entire range of laser cut steel artwork by Lisa Turley.

Pluck up the courage to buy artwork - people often don't think of doing that for themselves. I guess what I'm saying that the best gifts are the sort of things that people never buy for themselves and certainly they can be the most memorable.

World2NZ is the place for great unique wedding gifts for New Zealanders.