What to Buy a Kiwi for a Wedding Present

One of the reasons this website is a junk-free zone is that I noticed that there was a real need for a website that could offer nice and significant options for a wedding present.

I have always tried to have the philosophy that I wouldn't out anything on the website that I wouldn't want to have in my own home.

I have also tried to have things that would be considered ornamental and/or artistic because I feel that nowadays people can always buy normal everyday things by themselves and the price has come down a lot over the years for these things due to the "China Effect".

What people really love for a gift is something a little whimsical or trivial even - something that they would never buy for themselves - Iron Industrial Bookends in the shape of vices anyone?

There are so  many beautiful options on this website from Ceramic Heads (Charles and Mildred) to the entire range of laser cut steel artwork by Lisa Turley.

Pluck up the courage to buy artwork - people often don't think of doing that for themselves. I guess what I'm saying that the best gifts are the sort of things that people never buy for themselves and certainly they can be the most memorable.

World2NZ is the place for great unique wedding gifts for New Zealanders.

Living Trees - the Gift that always pleases.

A living tree gift option is the perfect NZ online gift solution for you want to buy a present for the person who seems to have everything!

This person may have all the toys they want and their home may have no more room for another ornament or homeware gift and you may be afraid of giving them something that they really do not want or need.

When you buy them a living tree, they will be thrilled because you are buying them something that is alive, is beautiful and will grow and be ever changing over the years.

You are buying them a project and something to tend and care for as well. You can really personalise your living tree gift by choosing what you think is the best variety of tree for them.

If you see the photos in the collection you will see that these living trees are superbly presented in handsome wooden planter boxes. Saplings (which are smaller) come in sliding lid boxes which are very attractive as well. So that means that there is a great "wow" factor as well when they receive the gift.

If you really want to stamp your personality ( or recognise theirs) you can buy a sapling as part of a larger hamper.These are sure to please because they get treats for the now and a lovely tree for the future.

I personally love the baby play gift option because of the fact that there will be a tree that is planted when the baby is born and will grow up with the baby through the years.

These are:

  • Living Tree Gift and Hamper Box - Aromatherapy / Baby Relaxation.
  • Living Tree Gift and Hamper Box - Baby Play.
  • Living Tree Gift and Hamper Box - Chilli and Lime.
  • Living Tree Gift and Hamper Box - Chocolate Delight.
  • Living Tree Gift and Hamper Box - Olive Oil and Dukkah.


Bonsai and Terrariums

To complete the collection are these fun, interesting gift options.

On offer are  two types of bonsai and two types of terrariums. These really are for the person who has it all! 

*Be careful to take the weekends into account when ordering living products as there is generally no shipping on a Friday due to the courier requirements of plants -You don't want them drying out in a depot somewhere for two days!!

World2NZ - The Early Days Part Two

The name change didn't happen until I had already had started with my first designer. You can see my first design. I quite liked it actually but thought it was a bit cartoony for such a serious website! And besides the website was now to reach Kiwis all over the world and not just the UK.

By the time I opened the website to the public on Oct 13th I was on to my third web designer. Web designers are a breed apart and they can be hard to manage at the best of times. The English language is oh so lacking  when you are trying to convey what you really want. I had negotiated with suppliers to obtain 180 products and I figured that was enough to start with.

When a website is new to the internet, it can take days for the google crawler to find you and then index your pages. That is why it took eleven days for my first sale! What an exciting day that was when an Australian customer bought a fab laser steel art work. I will always remember my wife Lisa and I discussing how to wrap it up!!

Since those early beginnings so much has changed. I have moved my office and I'm now on my 4th web designer (been with them for a while). There are so many products on the website to choose from now. The website has had over 30,000 visits and the operation is much more streamlined now.

Why did I start up the website? It's because I genuinely felt that there was a gap for what I call decent gifts. I was excited also about providing a personalised gift service for people all over the world wishing to buy quality products for their New Zealand friends and relatives.Just because you are living in London or Dubai doesn't mean that you can't buy a unique and thoughtful present and have it arrive quickly with gift wrapping.

It's so easy to be in contact by phone or email and you will have any query answered promptly. 

Thank you for coming on to this website and please know that I really appreciate your business. Please give me feedback if there is anything that you'd like to see done differently.

World2NZ - The Early Days Part One

This website started up on October 13th 2014. Wow that seems a long time ago as I write. You are probably wondering why it has taken me so long to start writing a blog. The short answer is I don't know. My SEO guy kept telling me that if I wrote a blog then the website would go up the rankings as it was 'new and original content'!

But now that I have started, I think I'm going to love writing a blog every now and then. First of all I want to let you all know a bit about my journey and how I ended up starting up NZ's best online retail gift website with 439 products and counting.

I was a dentist for about 22 years. I worked in Australia for three years and then moved to Saudi Arabia for about ten years. I was an expat kiwi as many of you are who are reading this blog. 

Over those thirteen years I really lost contact with my family especially my siblings and their children (my nephews and nieces). I talk about it in more depth HERE

Anyway, if I had been able to remember my family's birthdays with a nice gift with a message on a card delivered to their doors, it would have kept the bonds so much closer. Of course, in the nineties it was hard to do much on the internet, but now there is no excuse.

When I finally returned to NZ, I found that I was kind of the forgotten uncle who had gone overseas and had all these experiences. It took ages to rebuild the links.

Moving right along, I left dentistry and pursued an MBA.  Towards the end of my studies I thought about my experiences overseas and wondered if I could build a business based on them. You know try and turn lemons into lemonade.

I looked at what was out there - comparative analysis to use MBA jargon - and saw that there was a gap for a website that sold decent quality gifts - the sort that you'd like to get yourself. I didn't want to sell junk or knick knacks or souvenirs- there were enough websites doing that. 

The name was the first thing to think of. At first I was going to call it "ÚK2NZ" because I thought that my main market would be the UK. My brother-in-law then said why are you limiting yourself to just one country? It was hard to find an answer to that so hence the new name.

(To be continued)


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